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This page aims to provide information for potential recruiters about refugees’ right to work within the French legal framework. Through Food Sweet Food’s support, this page also aims to enable connections between potential recruiters from the restaurants and catering industry and cooks from the Refugee Food Festival who are looking for work.

Who are the chefs who participate in the Refugee Food Festival?

The cooks participating in the festival are refugees who are either professional cooks or passionate about cooking: they are commis, chefs, cooks, kitchen assistants, caterers, etc. Most of them want to find employment in the restaurant industry in their host country.

Did you know?

Refugees are people who have been forced to flee their homes, and cannot go back because of war, conflict or fear of persecution based on, for instance, their political opinions or religious beliefs.

Much more than a number or official definition, refugees are first and foremost: artists, engineers, craftsmen, doctors, students, chefs… Their arrival is an opportunity to welcome talented, skilled and innovative people who can enrich our society.

Did you know that Marc Chagall, Milan Kundera or else Albert Einstein were refugees?

The cooks who participate in the festival (in France) are all statutory refugees (in other countries, they are also refugees, statutory or holding an equivalent legal status granting them the right to work).
All of the festival’s cook have been granted international protection (according to the Geneva Convention of 1951) and are all legally allowed to work.

From the moment a person is given international protection, they can freely enter the job market of their host country, whether they hold a residence permit or a receipt of application for a residence permit.

Can refugees legally work in France?

To find out more about the French legal framework and refugees’ right to work:

The Guide Info Emploi Réfugiés (English version coming soon) created by Action Emploi Réfugiés and the Tent Foundation, and supported by UNHCR, provides information and resources on refugees’ right to work in France. 

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    The Refugee Food Festival is a citizens’ initiative created by Food Sweet Food and supported by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. This platform was created by Food Sweet Food with the precious support of UNHCR Innovation Service.