– Zainab Al Khajee –

Iraqi cuisine

SPECIALITY  •  Kibbeh, bitesize pieces of bulgur and potatoes stuffed with meat

REFUGEE FOOD FESTIVAL 2018  •  Darwin, Magasin général (Bordeaux)


Zainab dreamed of discovering Iraqi cuisine in Bordeaux. Arriving in France in 2016, cooking is, for her, a way to discover her culture, it’s a moment with her family, and it’s mostly an act of sharing. Curious, she seems to know everything about the culinary heritage of her country, and her eyes shine when she talks about traditional dishes from her native region.

Zainab is a trained journalist and is currently studying French at university. For the moment, cooking is her passion but maybe one day she will consider it as her future profession.

For the Refugee Food Festival’s 2018 edition in Bordeaux, Zainad cooked at the Snack at Magasin Général / Darwin.

Photo credit ©Nico Pulcrano