The Training Program SÉSAME

Designed by AKTO Réseau Fafih in collaboration with the Refugee Food Festival and Envergure , the SÉSAME program will train 280 beneficiaries of international protection for becoming kitchen clerks.

This program is dedicated for refugees and it is developed with the support of the “Investing In Skill Plan” (“PIC” in French with the Ministry of Labor and its partners. Supported by the OFII (Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration – OFII France), CoalliaFrance terre d’asile, the Groupe SOS and La Croix Rouge with the main professional catering organizations, and the regional employment and training partners, SÉSAME will unfold in 9 French cities over the next 3 year.

Early February of 2020, the 1st Class of the SÉSAME training program started their internship in Paris after having received professional french lessons, while the 2nd Class started their training with 2 months of professional french lessons… in a few weeks Dijon, Rennes, and Strasbourg will follow! A big thanks to the restaurants for their commitment in welcoming our trainees!